Santa Barbara City College provides the noncredit parent education courses at the Lou Grant Parent-Child Workshop.  These courses are state-funded and free of charge to participating students. The lecture class meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00 – 9:30 at the LGPCW site.  The parent education instructor plans and teaches these classes, adhering to the approved course outlines, and meeting the individual and collective needs of the students in the class.  

Each student (at least one parent from each family) also enrolls for one four-hour weekly lab session, commonly referred to as the workday.  This involves working directly with the children and other adult students in the cooperative morning preschool, under the supervision of the parent education instructor. The lab participation at LGPCW affords parents rare insights into the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development of children. As students practice what they are learning, they listen to and observe children, maintain a safe environment, develop and facilitate age-appropriate educational activities, and help children resolve conflicts and solve problems. The lab day begins with set-up at 8:30 am and ends with a daily discussion seminar.  Dismissal time for lab participants is 12:30 pm.

While most adult students at LGPCW are also the parents of the children in the preschool, other interested members of the community are welcome to enroll in the lecture or the lecture/lab combination. Please contact the instructor/director for further information about this option at: 805-684-5310.