Frequently asked questions

What are the hours of operation?

The morning program runs from 8:45am - 11:55am, Monday through Friday.

What is the tuition for the morning program?

The tuition is based on the number of days the child attends each week.  

Tuition is a yearly charge, divided into ten equal monthly payments.


Two days per week: $140 per month (for ten months)
Three days per week: $210 per month (for ten months)
Four days per week: $280 per month (for ten months)

Is financial aid available?

At LGPCW we do not want to turn away any child, based on the family’s inability to pay the full tuition fee.  Thus, there are several in-kind service positions available, in which a parent can perform a necessary service for the school in lieu of partial morning tuition.  An internal scholarship fund is also available to provide temporary assistance for the morning program in times of sudden financial hardship.  

Does LGPCW offer an after school program?

Yes, our extended day program runs from 11:55 - 3:30, Monday through Thursday. The cost for the extended day program is $27.00 per day.  


When does the school year start/ end?

Our school year begins at the end of August and runs through early June.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there is usually a waiting list for children. Parents who want to add their child’s name to the waiting list must tour the school prior to being added to the list. Adults who desire to attend the parent education classes may enroll at the beginning of a new school term (no waiting list).  Please contact Judy Johnston, parent education instructor and school director, for further information and enrollment forms.

How do I schedule a tour of the school?

We conduct tours during the school year, October through May. Please contact LGPCW at (805) 684-5310 to arrange your tour.

Why should I choose a cooperative preschool?

LGPCW involves a commitment on the part of parents.  It is also an incomparable experience, well worth your time and energy.  When you join LGPCW you can expect to: 
- participate in your child’s early learning.
- learn a lot about yourself and your child.
- share experiences with adults going through similar trials,      tribulations, and triumphs.
- develop lasting friendships (with adults and children). 
- find support when you need it.
- lend support when you can.
- maybe cry a little.
- definitely laugh a lot!

What is the parental commitment?


One parent from each family is required to: 
 - work one morning per week from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.   
 - join a school focus group. 
 - participate in two environment workshops per school year. 
 - help produce our annual auction. 
 - attend the weekly Wednesday evening parenting class.     

Who is Lou Grant?

Lou was the director of the school for over twenty years. With her indomitable spirit, Lou kept the school alive through many challenges.  When she retired, the parents re-named the school in her honor.