Enrolling Children

What age children attend LGPCW?

LGPCW accepts children at age two and a half, and typically they remain enrolled until they graduate to kindergarten. To be age-eligible for fall admittance, children must turn two years old by March 1. 

How many days may a child attend?

Two and three year old children may attend three mornings per week.  Four and five year old children may attend four mornings per week. 

How are children enrolled?

There is usually a waiting list for children.  If you would like to add your child’s name to our list, please call the school and arrange to take a short tour.  At that time, you will complete a form and your child’s name will be entered onto the waiting list.   When we have spaces for new children (typically in the fall) we offer them to age-eligible children on a first call-first served basis. Occasionally we have a mid-year opening; when this occurs, we offer the space to the next age-eligible child on the waiting list.

Non-discrimination policy

The Lou Grant Parent-Child Workshop welcomes and admits children and parents of any race, national or ethnic origin, ability, religious or sexual preference, and does not discriminate in the administration of the full range of programs and policies.

Requirements for Parents

What does it mean to be a parent in a parent in a cooperative preschool?  

While every co-op is a little bit different, at LGPCW there are five basic, ongoing requirements for parents of enrolled children.  
At least one parent from each child’s family participates in:

1.  the weekly evening parent education class.

2.  the workday lab session, one morning per week (four hours).

3.  the fundraising efforts of the school (typically a fall auction).

4.  two environment days per year. 

5.  a school focus group (usually one-two hours per month).


Tuition Rates

4 days per week - $280.00 per month
3 days per week - $210.00 per month
2 days per week - $140.00 per month
1 day per week   - $70.00 per month (tag-along fee)

At this time there is no additional insurance fee.

Fees are based on children’s attendance and established at the minimum amount needed to cover the annual operating expenses for the school.
Tuition fees are based on the number of days the child is enrolled in school. Children are enrolled for two, three, or four mornings a week. In special circumstances, a child may enroll five mornings a week.

Tuition fees are divided into ten equal monthly payments. Tuition fees for September and June are due at enrollment.  No adjustment is made due to absences or short school months. Tuition is paid in advance, and payments are due on the first day of the month. Payment received after the fifth day of the month is considered late, and a $25.00 late fee will be levied.

Financial Assistance

In-kind Work: In-kind work enables a family to complete an ongoing job for the school in exchange for an offset on tuition.  All in-kind positions are worth $15.00 per hour, and the hours worked help offset the child’s tuition; the family is responsible for covering any remaining balance.  In-kind positions are usually arranged in the spring for the following year.

Tuition Assistance:  Tuition assistance is available primarily to make it possible for families to participate without interruption owing to temporary financial difficulties. Tuition assistance is granted for a period of three months. At the end of the three-month period, the financial need is reassessed. If the financial need is still present and there is sufficient tuition assistance money available, additional assistance may be granted.