Mission  -  The Lou Grant Parent-Child Workshop is a cooperative early childhood program, the foundation of which is parent education.  At the workshop, children, parents, and teachers work and play together, learn from each other, and actively cultivate a strong, family-focused, and supportive community.

Vision  -  We envision a future shaped by nurtured children, reflective and effective parents, and a compassionate community.

Values  -  We value collaboration, communication, play, and process -- within a purposeful environment.

At LGPCW children learn to play and play to learn. Accordingly, parents and staff establish a rich and varied play environment to meet the diverse needs and interests of the children who walk through the gate. We want an atmosphere where children may be curious, may experiment, and may construct for themselves an understanding of their environment and their relationships. We believe that structured and formal learning, forced too early, does not prepare children for our rapidly changing world, nor does it provide a solid conceptual foundation for future academic experiences. Thus, we give children plenty of time, space, open-ended materials, and support for their creative ideas. We value mistakes as opportunities to learn. We encourage clear and compassionate communication and nurture children's respect for themselves along with concern for the well being of others.

Typically 49 children and 13 adults participate each day, under the watchful eyes of the two early childhood instructors. For most of the morning children are free to choose where and with whom to play. Adults "anchor" the stations, facilitate the learning, and provide guidance and supervision to the children who choose to play in their stations.  Midway through the morning, children and adults gather into small groups for a nutritious snack, stories, and conversation. This snack time is a gentle introduction to group dynamics and an important language arts experience.  At the end of the morning, children and adults join the instructors for circle time where we sing songs, share stories, and end the morning together.